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Did you know it is estimated that over 50% of businesses over pay for their workers compensation in MN?  This is mainly due to mis-classification and other errors.

With all the challenges facing organizations today, no one has time to become an insurance expert or afford to have one on staff.  Instead, you need an experienced team who can analyze the various options open to you — both insurance and non-insurance options — and suggest the best alternatives for your needs.  Then you’re in a position to make a knowledge-based decision.

All the agents at the insurance specialists team are certified work comp specialists or master work comp advisers.  The reason this is a big deal as most agents do not possess the knowledge needed in this area to quote it properly.  The reason this is a big deal as mentioned above – a lot of businesses are over paying on their work comp.

Many newer business start out in the state pool and remain there because they didn’t know they had other less expensive options.  The agent may not have taken the time to review or does not have the knowledge or carriers to place the business.

It pays to have a business insurance specialist with vast resources on your side.  It doesn’t cost any more to have one.  So, it only stands to reason to use an agent who is a certified work comp. specialist when purchasing work comp for your business.  Having a certified work comp specialist on your side for audits and having policies written correctly will save your business money and time.

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