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Mos Def – Workers Comp.

Posted on: April 12th, 2014 by tpeddyco

The Ecstatic.


25 Responses

  1. captain000schmand says:

    man this song is perfect! got to love mos

  2. Dante Smith says:

    Mos is back!

  3. ccc1212 says:

    Mos is indeed back, good track right here.

  4. sick149kids says:

    god i fuckin love this song!!

  5. msium34 says:

    How could i forget about this banger…yeah this knocks…

  6. Dante Smith says:

    Mos is back (with so fresh stuff) 🙂

  7. Myles Taylor says:

    Riots over and up in China, oOoOoO this beat is ridic, Mr.Flash did it
    again on this album, damn french supreme..

  8. mosdefgza2009 says:

    mos def hits this hard as fuck!! ecstatic been on none stop on the ipod and
    the cd player..joins the classics in my opinion

  9. nabilster says:

    Don’t call it a comeback, he’s been here for years like LL 😉

  10. Victor Nascimento says:

    mos def leads such a good life… away from the media persecution… but
    still coming up with some genious tunes

  11. ZeroTE says:

    Good Lyrics, the hook needed a lil bit of work..Better than the last album

  12. joeprice010 says:

    this is a pretty good song by mos def. i like it haha

  13. Mbogori Patrick GITUMA says:

    OMG that beat is concorcted from how many genres? And it comes together
    into this perfect hip hop beat….Mos def = Genius

  14. nuttylife29 says:

    getcha fiurrrd!!!

  15. ChefRaekwon94 says:

    it really makes me happy that good music still does exist 🙂

  16. HugoYoot says:

    @mosdefgza2009 hell yeah i listen to most of this album everyday. By far my
    second favorite mos def album black on both sides being the first of

  17. Chtud says:

    I got high during this song…and i wasnt even smokin

  18. Chtud says:

    @royalnash everything is garbage compared to Mos Def

  19. victor chavez says:

    just a beautiful fucking song

  20. Dylan Dixon says:

    I think someone disliked it just to c there own vote. I dont know any other
    reason to dislike

  21. GreasemonkeyCGI says:

    Tell the tough guys we’re tougher than tough times…

  22. Peter Dierker says:

    Chtud everything is not garbage compared to Mos Def your exaderating yes
    Mos Def is an amazing artist but he’s not the only musician or band to make
    beautiful music your over generalizing dude

  23. patriciabrown2011 says:

    This song is the greatest

  24. charlese681 says:

    I give yhu all the diamonds and money but yhu can brea

  25. clothes2theheart says:

    tell the tough guys he tougher than tough times

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