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Minnesota small business insurance

If you have a small business in Minnesota, you will want to consider working with and getting quotes from just one local independent agency. Why? Because working with more than one or trying to get all kinds of quotes to compare quickly from all over the internet is a big common mistake.

Here’s why… You will want to work with a local independent agency as they will know which insurers doing business in Minnesota offer policies for your business and which ones will have the best prices. Depending on factors like how much of a certain line of business an insurance carrier has on its books can determine if they have any interest or how much interest. Insurers like to spread their risk and also have to make sure their reserves are in line with their risks.

Some insurers may not have underwriters capable of underwriting certain risks. So, they will avoid them. There are a ton of reasons why a carrier may or may not want to insure your business. They may have a real appetite for your type of business. A local independent agent will likely know which ones to submit quote requests.

Commercial insurance is not like auto insurance where you can get a bunch of quotes and compare. It actually, having many agents getting quotes for you can really impair the process. Most companies will only accept one quote request for a business and generally, it will be from the agent who submits it first. Other agents will be locked out. If an underwriter see’s more than one quote request come in for a business – they will wonder how serious a business is about getting quotes and if the company will get the business. Many underwriters are busy and will have concerns that they will do a bunch of work underwriting a business just to have their quote used as a negotiation for lower quote from another company.

Unlike auto and home insurance – commercial insurance can be negotiable, which is one of the reasons using just one agent – an experienced agent who knows how to negotiate and has relationships with local underwriters – can be a huge advantage. Underwriters feel more comfortable when they are working with an agent they know and like and is also familiar with certain classes of businesses and their risks.

Minnesota business insurance – We currently offer a range of small business insurance coverage, which includes professional liability insurance, general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Our agents are not only certified work comp advisor’s and specialists, they also specialize in certain areas of business – like trucking for example. We have agents who know trucking, truckers, truck insurance and companies that offer truck insurance. They know the underwriters at these companies. Same thing for contractor’s – we have agents who work mainly with contractor’s. It’s a huge advantage to specialize.

We offer Minnesota business insurance across the state. Our insurance products have been fully approved by the Minnesota Department of Insurance and are underwritten by Insurance Specialists Team internally and then submitted to the carriers that offer the best Minnesota business insurance. The Insurance Specialists Team knows Minnesota business insurance. Our workers’ compensation policy is offered through a licensed member of the EMPLOYERS® Insurance Group.

Minnesota professional liability insurance/errors and omissions insurance

In order to properly protect your business against claims of negligence, you need Minnesota Business Insurance.

Learn more about Business Insurance MN Professional liability coverage.

Minnesota general liability insurance

General liability insurance protects your business against third-party claims arising from bodily injury (e.g., slips and falls), related medical costs, personal injury (e.g. libel or slander) and damage to a third party’s property. Protect your business and make sure this coverage is a part of your Minnesota business insurance.

Learn more about Business Insurance MN and The Insurance Specialists Team general liability insurance coverage.

Minnesota business owner insurance

Also known as a business owner’s policy or BOP insurance, this combines general liability coverage with protection for your business equipment, such as computers, printers, copiers and office furniture.

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Minnesota workers’ compensation insurance

Business insurance MN offers worker’s comp insurance throughout Minnesota through EMPLOYERS.

EMPLOYERS offers Minnesota small businesses cost-effective workers’ compensation insurance coverage for on-the-job illness and injury. Our knowledgeable underwriters, loss-control experts and claims specialists work closely with policyholders to provide workers’ compensation coverage that fits their business’s philosophy and goals.


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